(1) Yes, of course you can. It does not matter if you are a member or not, or what type of member.

  (2) No, you don't have to accept email ads. You can turn them to OFF (or to ON) on the PROFILE page, or right on the members menu page. You can choose to view them in the online email box.

  (3) Yes, you can and it doesn't matter what type of membership you have.

  (4) Yes, it can be autosent DAILY. That service is with the optional upgrade.

  (5) Yes, stats on your emails are shown to you. The stats are kept in the system for around 1 month or longer.

  (6) Those are ads that are earned by gaining points. It is a bundle consisting of 1 login ad (that shows upon member login and on every email ad), 1 text ad and 1 banner ad in the members area. Both show unlimited times and last for a week.

  (7) You gather points up for the week to get on the Power Lion list. You get them through clicking email ads OR clicking them on the site in the inbox. You also gain them surfing email ads, it is up to you!

They reset once a week (ON MONDAY starting 12am eastern time) and will list the top 9 who have the most points. You will get an email notification that you're in the top 9 people.

  (9) You can see your signups and request payment on the SIGNUP STATS page. This has EIGHT different methods to send you commission, the list is on "YOUR PROFILE", click the link that says "Payout Info". I send payments once or twice a month.

  (10) You just login, go to the profile account page and scroll all the way down to the bottom. You'll see the remove link.

  (11) They are checked to make sure they show up. It is nothing personal and every program is OK except for; politcal (it angers people too much, this is a realm of cash opportunity not message spreading), porn, sex wording, hate or violence.