(1) Can I affiliate/make money for FREE?
(2) Do I HAVE to get email ads?
(3) Can I save & store my email ads?
(4) Can I have my email autosent?
(5) Do I get stats on my email ads?
(6) What are Power Lion ads?
(7) How do I get Power Lion ads?
(8) When do Power Lion ads reset?
(9) Where do I request payment at?
(10) Is this site mobile / responsive?
(11) Why no 'splash' pages?
(12) How do I remove my account?
(13) What is a mail queue?
(14) My banner does not show?
(15) When my email or login ad is clicked, it doesn't show?
(16) How do I open support ticket?
(17) Why is this called "Third Generation"?
(18) How can I send my email ad?
(19) When do I send my email ad?

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